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Name of LecturerDr Andy Breen
DepartmentInstitute of Mathematical & Physical Sciences


Dr Andy Breen from the Institute of Mathematical and Physical Sciences is currently recording his lectures, so that they can be made available in MP3 format to students. Using an iRiver MP3 recorder and encoder, Dr Breen records his lectures and loads them into Blackboard for his students to download and listen to. He also makes use of Mimio technology to provide slides of the material covered on the whiteboard, allowing students to review this information following the lectures.

Verbal feedback from his students confirms that they find the recordings useful - they can listen to lectures whilst travelling or use them for revision purposes. The recordings will also allow students to revisit material covered in previous years. Having audio recordings of the lectures has also helped note-takers for dyslexic students and has helped Dr Breen himself, who has found it useful to be able to review his material. The recordings also mean staff are able to listen to, and if necessary deliver, another person's lecture.

Some of the disadvantages highlighted by Dr Breen include the difficulty in using the technology, particularly Mimio which is not permanently installed in all lecture theatres. The recording software only picks up the lecturer's voice, and so questions and comments from students are not audible on the recordings.

Dr Breen has not found that lecture attendance has decreased now that his students can download the recordings of his lectures - indeed his first year classes are better attended than previous years when recordings weren't available.

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