AU Case Studies - MP3 recordings of lectures and PDF lecture notes

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AU Case Studies - MP3 recordings of lectures and PDF lecture notes

Name of LecturerN. Labrosse
DepartmentInstitute of Mathematical & Physical Sciences
Course / LevelCQFW Level 4
Approximate number of students involved34


The teaching consists in projecting slides using the PC installed in the lecture theatre, and recording the lectures using a MP3 recorder. The slides are available in PDF format for download on Blackboard before the lectures. Students can then read the notes beforehand, be better prepared to attend the lectures, and read their notes afterwards while listening to the recordings.

It has been five years since I started to make the PDF version of my lecture notes available on Blackboard, and this is the 1st year I have been using the MP3 recorder.

E-learning is not used in assessment.

I have had no direct feedback on the use of e-learning from the  students.


Advantages of using e-learning

I have not a direct evidence from students for the advantages of using e-learning. I reckon it does not cost any time to the lecturer.

I am convinced that this improves the student experience, as I have tested it myself, looking at someone else's lecture notes and listening to the recordings at the same time. Having both the lecture notes and the MP3 recordings of the lecture at hand greatly helps the understanding of the lecture content.

I also listened to my own recordings and found it interesting and useful to improve the way I deliver the course.

I have not been able to check on the effect on students' results. Attendance has been maintained at the same level (attendance is monitored closely).


Does not record questions asked by students, so make sure you repeat them if you want them to be recorded.

Advice to staff planning to use the same tool/equipment:

Do try it! It is very easy to use.

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