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20 20  = ALT-C Keynote speakers =
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22 -The keynote speakers were provocative and sparked much debate. Please see my full [[conference report>>../../download/Main/altc_2010/altcreportjacob.pdf]] for their key messages.
22 +The keynote speakers were provocative and sparked much debate. Please see my full [[conference report>>attach:altcreportjacob.pdf]] for their key messages.
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24 24  == **702** Keynote Don't lecture me - Donald Clark, founder/CEO Epic Group ==
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26 26  Donald Clark attacked the lecture as ‘hopeless pedagogic technique’ and called upon academic staff to reflect on how we teach, not only what. He said that teachers often ask pseudo-rhetorical questions that do not lead to critical thinking. He cited Richard Feynman and Eric Mazur as excellent teachers who based their teaching on interaction and problem-solving.
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30 30  The back channel on Twitter had some criticism of this talk, but in private conversations I heard more people agreeing with Donald’s message. As for me, I found myself agreeing with most of what Donald said, although in some cases he seemed to be taking a deliberately extreme position in order to be provocative. I found his message about thinking outside of the box salutary, though changing a practice that is as embedded as straight lecturing is a challenge. In my observation, we are already seeing a culture change as more and more lecturers are seeking other ways to teach.
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32 32  == **703** Future of Learning [The hole in the wall: self organising systems in education] - Sugata Mitra ==
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