AberCast Lecture Capture

AberCast Lecture Capture

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AberCast Lecture Capture with Panopto

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AberCast is a way for you to record your lectures using lecture capture with Panopto Focus. It creates an integrated package including audio, your PowerPoint or other material that you have used with data projection in the classroom, and in some rooms video of the person giving the lecture. The link to this package can be put onto AberLearn Blackboard or given to students directly. Students can easily jump to the desired part of the lecture capture and revise difficult concepts as many times as needed.

For information about issues surrounding copyright, data projection, and good practice, please see the Guidance Document.

JISC Legal has a useful document with guidance on copyright and other considerations.

Many institutions across the UK have been using lecture capture, and there is a wealth of recent material available to help you use it effectively and creatively. Please see our lecture capture bookmarks for the most recent literature, including case studies and good practice documents.

A handout used for an Introduction to AberCast course can be found here and has some key tips on good practice.

Information Services has a set of FAQs to help you with the steps of:

Please note that, as of AY2015-16, all modules are provisioned centrally, so staff will no longer need to provision their modules first before recording. If you have a special, non-AStRA, module that does need to be provisioned manually, please see the FAQ for provisioning Panopto.

You can also use AberCast to make recordings from your own laptop or desktop computer. Please follow the instructions on the FAQ for downloading Panopto software.

Using AberCast on your own computer

If you would like to make recordings on your own computer, please see the FAQ with instructions for downloading / upgrading your Panopto software.

The following screen capture shows the process that is involved.  If you experience any problems with downloading the new recorder please contact is@aber.ac.uk.

If you have further technical questions about using AberCast, please check the FAQs. There is more information on the Information Services lecture capture page.

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