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Panopto logoAberystwyth University requires that all lectures should be recorded and made available to students.  The Lecture Capture Policy gives guidance about what constitutes a lecture.

Panopto software is centrally provided to enable easy in-class recording and integrates with Blackboard to help control access to recordings. It creates an integrated package including audio, PowerPoint or other material used with data projection in the classroom, and in some rooms a video of the person giving the lecture. The link to the recording can be put onto Blackboard or given to students directly. Students can easily jump to the desired part of the lecture recording and revise difficult concepts as many times as needed. Please see the handout for our Panopto training session for more details. 

For information about issues surrounding copyright, data projection, and good practice, please see the Compliance Guidelines for Lecture Recording. JISC Legal also has a useful document with guidance on copyright.

The basic steps to record lectures using Panopto are:

To watch these steps in action, please see the Panopto quick-start video clip.

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Historically, teaching staff had to manually provision their Blackboard modules before making the first recording. This is now done by Information Services for all centrally time-tabled modules, so staff no longer need to do this in most cases. 

New! You can start, stop, and pause your Panopto recording by pressing keys on your keyboard, even when the Panopto window is not showing on screen. Please see Panopto's guide for Recording Hotkeys for more information. Here is a brief summary:

  • <F8>- begin recording
  • <F9> - pause recording
  • <F10> - stop recording

For more information see:

Departmental Administrators may also see the number of Panopto recordings made in the modules they are Administrators for in Blackboard. Information about this may be found here.  

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