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Access the AberLearn Blackboard virtual learning environment on your mobile device

If you’re bringing a smartphone or tablet with you to university in September, why not take a look at the AberLearn Blackboard app?

AberLearn Blackboard is Aberystwyth’s virtual learning environment and is used to provide learning materials and activities to students. The app allows you to access your modules' slides, handouts and reading lists via your smartphone or tablet. You can also use the app to post to discussion forums, take quizzes and view the latest updates to your courses.

Information Services is offering a refund (in the form of printing credit) to students wishing to purchase a 'life' llicence for the app. As there are limited funds for this offer, it is being run on a first-come-first-served basis.

Some of the students who used the app last year found it useful for their studies:

  • “I love the ability to save items to drop box with a simple button.”
  • “I liked the 'favourites'; which meant I could access the relevant modules for this semester.”

If you’d like to be refunded for your purchase of the app licence, you’ll need to purchase the app yourself and then forward the digital receipt to We’ll then issue a refund in the form of credit on your account for printing and photocopying. At some point during the first semester, we'll be in touch to find out what you think about using the app (either through a focus group or an online questionnaire).

The app is available for both Android and iOS through the Play Store or the App Store.

Making More Mobile - a new project in Information Services

The final report from this project is now available as a PDF download. Slides from a presentation of project findings made at the JISC RSC Encouraging Innovation conference in JUne 2013 are also available.

In October 2012 Information Services succesfully  bid for funding from JISC RSC Wales through the Technology for Learning Small Grant scheme.

Image of a girl sitting looking at a mobile phoneThe funding was used to run an exciting new project called Making More Mobile. The project investigated the mobile versions of two popular e-learning tools - Blackboard and Qwizdom - and allowed us to purchase a number of mobile licences for each one. The project ran during Semester 2 (January - June 2013)

  • Project document - a copy of the bid document submitted to JISC RSC Wales.
  • You can follow the progress of the project on the Nexus blog.
  • Look at the resources tagged on Delicious as part of the desk research strand of the project.

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