Aber-Bangor Academy Showcase 3 - 2015 - 2016

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Mary Jacob, Aberystwyth University

Using Digital Poem-Stories to Enhance Learning in Science Modules

The digital storytelling format for short videos is engaging and easy to use. In this case study, three poets were recruited to create video poems based on the traditional digital storytelling format for use in a distance-learning module on development of bio-fuels. The aim of the activity was to engage students with the scientific content via an artistic, creative channel. Initial feedback from students about the project will be shared.

Some key sources for digital storytelling are:

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Sian Davies, Bangor University

WebPA the Peer Assessment Tool

This session will be on implementing a debate assessment for second year students on the Bachelor of Nursing programme. It requires students to present a concise thesis as a team to defend or oppose a motion. The thesis can be presented in Welsh or English and the audience will vote before and after the debate. The group mark for the debate is influenced by an on line peer review to reflect student engagement and impact.   The students also write a 500 word reflection to chart their ‘debate journey’. The assessment aims to develop the analysis, communication and teamwork skills essential for effective quality healthcare.

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No sign up or booking is necessary.

Join this webinar on 8 June 2016, 12.10 - 13.00, from your own computer at https://clp.adobeconnect.com/e-learning-june-2016/

It is highly recommended that you test your computer and read the Participate in Adobe Connect Meetings Guide before joining this webinar.

Once you have joined the meeting room, it is recommended that you run through the Audio Setup Wizard to optimise your experience:


Session Etiquette

Before the session starts, a moderator will explain how the session will be managed, which tools are being used and how to ask questions using chat/raise hand/mic etc.


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