Academi Aber Academy, a space for staff to create media-rich educational resources and exchange ideas about learning and teaching. See the attached details about Academy Provision.
  • Location: Hugh Owen Level E, enter through the Iris de Freitas Room, open M-F 8:15-17:15
    • E3 E-learning Training Room - Academy Forum meetings and technology-enhanced learning training sessions
    • E4 Media Lab - open access for staff only, PCs and Macs with software for creating media, swipe door lock with staff AberCard
    • E5 Recording Studio - sound-dampened room with video equipment, staff only, requires booking, swipe door lock with staff AberCard
    • E9 Sound Booth - a quiet place for sound recording, staff only, requires booking, swipe door lock with staff AberCard
  • Join the Academy Forum and attend our regular discussion groups on learning and teaching with technology - open to staff and students
  • John Grattan welcomes staff and students to the Academy (if you don't see the video player, please refresh your browser).

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Located in the Hugh Owen Library, the Academy features a Media Lab, Recording Studio, Sound Booth, E-learning Consultation Room, and E-learning Training Room. If you have accessibility difficulties and are planning to come to the Academy, please see this announcement.

The Media Lab, Sound Booth and Recording Studio were funded by the CADARN Learning Portal, a north and mid-Wales initiative. The purpose is to enable AU staff to develop learning and teaching materials. This includes, but is not limited to, educational resources that will be linked to Aberystwyth University‚Äôs prospectus in the CADARN Learning Portal website. 

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