AUTEL 16 Keynote Stephanie Marshall

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Friday Keynote - Appreciating Excellence: an international perspective

Stephanie Marshall, Chief Executive, Higher Education Academy stephanie_marshall_0.jpg



With Teaching Excellence a global phenomenon, it’s timely to look at the current developments in England (with the appetite to get engaged now presenting itself in Scotland, Wales and N Ireland) with respect to creativity and innovation to deliver bringing about student engagement and student success.   To place current developments in context, this presentation will provide an overview of global developments, focussing down on what has transpired across the UK over the past few decades, and the various initiatives that have been typified by real inspiration, creativity, scoping, and an ability to roll out and assess impact.  A particular focus will be on National Teaching Fellowships, where Wales has been a strong player. NTFs were asked to produce a narrative account of a distinctive and innovative element of learning and teaching in the NTF’s pedagogic practice, how it developed and how it evolved.  Noteworthy projects are referred to in this presentation, with a particular focus on pedagogic design, relevant context (disciplinary/institutional/national), implementation and evidence of impact. This narrative was to illustrate how the creative practice was situated within wider conceptualisations of learning and teaching, including grounding in educational and pedagogic theory with links made to scholarship. Practical advice will be included to stimulate discussion on how creative development could flourish, and be adopted and adapted at Aberystwyth.

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