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The aim of the AU Exemplary Course Award (ECA) is to support staff in enhancing their modules on Blackboard and to share good practice  across the university. We have seen the impact of this programme, as other staff often pick up on exemplary practices as demonstrated by winning modules, and are delighted to showcase the winners at our annual Learning and Teaching Conference. 

2017-18 AU ECA Winners

The panel found that this was a particularly close competition, with most of the applications clustering in the Accomplished category, the second level in the rubric just below Exemplary. While none of the modules was deemed to be exemplary in all areas, they contained many exemplary practices. For this reason, the panel has decided to issue only Highly Commended awards.

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2017-18 ECA competition: 

  • Highly Commended - Adam Vellender, MA26620_AB0_2017-18 Applied Statistics (2017-18) 
  • Highly Commended - Catherine O'Hanlon, PS21310_AB0_2017-18 Quantitative Research Methods (2017-18) 
  • Highly Commended - Daniel Low, BR14810_AB0_2017-18 Sport and Exercise Kinesiology (2017-18) 
  • Highly Commended - Stephen Chapman, BDM8620_AB0_2017-18 Waste Stream Valorisation (2017-18)

For examples of the winning modules exemplary practices see this video.

Comments from participants:

"I found that the ECA guidelines offered good food for thought when designing online supplementary materials for my module. Along with numerous innovative and exciting uses of technology by my colleagues in the mathematics department, I hope that such efforts ensure that the Aberystwyth mathematics student experience continues to be an excellent one. Many thanks are due to the students who took the module, both this year and last, for their encouraging and useful feedback." - Adam Vellender, Highly Commended

'Having to design a new module this year, I took the opportunity to develop the Blackboard pages in line with the Exemplary Course guidance. The process helped me recognize the good aspects I already provide and also think about and develop ways in which my Blackboard presence can be enhanced. I found the whole process invaluable.', Cymeradwyaeth Uchel

Quotes from the Panel:

"The entries to this year’s ECA all included distinct and innovative ways of presenting large amounts of module content and information, it’s great to see some really creative approaches to the process."- Panel Member

"This year’s winners show the high standard of learning and teaching at Aberystwyth University. Their exemplary practices serve to inspire others to innovate and engage students in active learning.” - Panel Member

Previous ECA Winners:

Click below to see examples of examplary practices and more innovative AU Blackboard modules, including module tours: 

The E-learning Group hopes that these exemplary courses will provide inspiration and models of good practice for all. 

Anyone wishing to use the ECA rubric as a tool for evaluating and enhancing their own modules is encouraged to contact the E-learning Group to request a consultation or training session ( 

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