Apr 16 2014

Staff are invited to attend a showcase of good practice in the use of Wikis for student learning.

  • Time: Wednesday 7th May 14:00-17:00
  • Venue: Hugh Owen C43

The event will include micro-presentations from a range of staff who have used Wikis in their teaching, plus several longer plenary presentations. Following the plenaries, there will be a round-table discussion about the pros and cons of using Wikis, with lessons learned by staff who have implemented this method. At the end, there is an e-learning clinic for participants to gain hands-on experience and training from E-learning Staff. Refreshments will be served. 

14:00 Welcome and introductions -Tim Woods

14:10 Micro sessions and videos

  • Moira Vincentelli ART AND SOCIETY 1 (video)
  • Gareth Hall SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY (video)
  • Basil Wolf

15:00 Talks

  • Penri James THE AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRY - SCHEME SPECIFIC SKILLS - Will show a few PowerPoint slides to show about the purpose of the module, how the Wiki helps deliver the learning outcomes, how it’s structured and successes/what to watch out for. Some good examples will be included.
  • John Morgan WRITTEN COMMUNICATIONS IN MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS - Presentationa and discussion
  • Graham Lewis TEACHING IN HIGHER EDUCATION: ONE - Pedagogical implications of Wikis, he will select an article to discuss and share findings of pedagogical research

16:00 Roundtable discussion - What are the opportunities of Wikis? What are the lessons learned? How can they be used to good effect for student learning? With Jo Maddern, Penri James, Graham Lewis, and anyone else who is interested

16:30 E-learning clinic - Participant will go to C66 in small groups for hands-on with E-learning Team staff

Please book using the CDSAP booking system, so that we can arrange for catering.

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