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Feb 18 2013

Changing the Learning Landscape

Changing the Learning Landscape is a partnership between Higher Education Academy (HEA), the Association for Learning Technology (ALT), JISC, the National Union of Students (NUS) and the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education (LFHE). 

The CLL offers a number of opportunities for staff to explore the use of technology in learning and professional development includinf workshops, online resources and funding opportunities.

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Feb 09 2011

Change Stories - how has your academic practice changed?

The UK National Teaching Fellowship Scheme is sponsoring a project called 'Change Stories'.It runs from 28th January to 4th March 2011- see their website to enter your story. They describe the project as follows:


We are seeking stories of academics changing their teaching practice. If you're interested in sharing your experience, please tell us what happened to you.

Most people report that it takes them about 15 minutes to complete the process. And some people find that putting in one story reminds them of another incident: that's fine, you can enter as many stories as you like.

Our Question

  • When do you make changes to your teaching?
  • What gives you the idea?
  • What do you do then?

Our Idea

We aim to gather hundreds of real examples of how and when and why educators change their practice.

You can help

Please tell us your stories - and please pass the invitation onto colleagues you think may be interested. More is Better.

Sep 22 2010

JORUM winners announced - open educational resources

JORUM has announced the winners of the competition for best open educational resources created under the Creative Commons licence. These are free for use for educational purposes.

We encourage staff to make use of open educational materials that are available, to contribute your own materials and to enter next year's contest. Perhaps AU can be a winner next time around!

You can view the materials on the JORUM website. The press release announcing the winners is quoted below:

News release
 21 September 2010

Call for teachers to share resources

At the start of a new academic year, JISC is encouraging lecturers and trainers to share their teaching materials - as a competition highlights useful resources from across the UK.

David Kernohan, programme manager at JISC, said: “We are fortunate in this country to be developing a community of people willing to share their teaching resources, but what we lack is a coherent way of highlighting the best examples of such collaboration.

“Competitions like this one show what we all know instinctively – that sharing can benefit not just your colleagues but also your own teaching reputation and that of your university or college.”

The competition was run by JorumOpen, the UK’s national repository for educational materials created under a creative commons licence.

Louise Egan, Jorum communications officer, said: "This competition aims to champion learning and teaching resources from all backgrounds and subject areas. We were delighted to have received a great number of entries, and see the high standard of resources being shared amongst our community of users."

The resulting winners of the competition are all excellent examples of how to make learning more interactive and are available alongside the other entries at Jorum for anyone to re-use.

First place went to a resource that explains photosynthesis using 3D models of the key molecules involved.  Its author Katy Jordan has used the kit to teach undergraduates at the University of Cambridge.

An interactive module from the Open Dementia E-learning programme, funded by the Department of Health, came in at second place.

The University of Wales Institute in Cardiff claimed third prize for a resource called ‘Making the creative process visible’, a series of films documenting how ceramics students develop their ideas.

Contributing to open repositories helps resources to be discovered more widely. Currently over 80 UK universities are involved in the pilot open educational resources programme run by JISC and the Higher Education Academy with all outputs made available via JorumOpen.

Explore what we’ve learned and how sharing resources can benefit your organisation through our dedicated briefing paper at <>

To contribute to Jorum or find resources, visit <>

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