2012-13 Modules Now Available in AberLearn

Last modified by Mary Jacob on 12/07/2012

Jun 21 2012

E-learning Support Staff are pleased to announce that we have carried out the Course Copy procedure for AY2012/13, and that next year's modules in AberLearn Blackboard are now available for staff.

Please note that over the summer, only staff will be able to view the AY2012/13 modules. Students will added when they register formally, beginning on 24 September 2012.

For AY2012-13, we have made an exact duplicate copy of all AY2011-12 modules as they stand in June 2012. The AY2012-13 modules can be found at the top of the module list on the My Institution page (please note that if you are using an incompatible browser, such as some versions of Internet Explorer, the new module list may appear in the left-hand side of the My Institution page). We have carried out the Course Copy procedure earlier this year than last, in order to give staff more time to prepare next year’s modules before the start of term.

All you need to do is check that you have the teaching materials you want to use in the right areas of the course. You can delete any items that you don’t plan to use this year, because they will remain available in last year’s version of the module in case you want to reference them.

Do make sure that you don’t have any remnants below the dividing line in the course menu. Either move them into the right areas above the line, or delete them, after which you can delete the line.

We are currently arranging bespoke training sessions in AberLearn for all academic departments. Please see our AberLearn Blackboard Training Session Handouts for full details.

A short video clip showing how to reorganise the course menu can be found in this FAQ.

As always, if you have any questions or queries about AberLearn, please contact the Blackboard Team at bb-team@aber.ac.uk. We will be happy to help you.

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