Oct 06 2017

Gwobr Cwrs Nodedig 2017

Staff dysgu – Cyflwynwch eich modiwl ar gyfer Gwobr Cwrs Eithriadol 2017!

Nod Gwobr Cwrs Eithriadol Prifysgol Aberystwyth yw helpu’r staff i wella eu modiwlau ar Blackboard a rhannu arfer da ledled y brifysgol. Mae Grwp E-ddysgu’r Gwasanaethau Gwybodaeth yn cynnig sesiynau hyfforddi a chlinigau modiwlau i helpu darlithwyr i fireinio eu modiwlau a pharatoi i’w cyflwyno. Dyddiad cau’r wobr yw 12:00 canol dydd ar 17 Tachwedd 2017. Mae rhagor o wybodaeth ynglyn â’r wobr ar gael ar Nexus: http://jump.aber.ac.uk/?hsxpt. ...

Exemplary Course Award 2017

Teaching staff - Submit your module for the Exemplary Course Award 2017!

The AU Exemplary Course Award (ECA) aims to support staff in enhancing their modules on Blackboard and to share good practice across the university. The Information Services E-learning Group offers training sessions and module clinics to help lecturers tune up their modules and prepare for submission. The deadline for the award is 12:00 noon on 17 November 2017. More information about ECA can be found on Nexus: http://jump.aber.ac.uk/?hsxpt. ...

Oct 04 2017

Virtual Reality for learning and teaching

We are delighted to announce that Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and a 3D camera have been put into Information Services Equipment Loan for AU staff use only. There is one camera and a set of 12 phone-in headsets that you can book for use in your classes.

You can find booking details on the IS Equipment Loan page, and how-to instructions plus examples in the good practice guide on Nexus.

A training session is being offered on 6th November for interested staff, or you can contact the E-learning Group for quick-start advice at is-alto@aber.ac.uk.


Aug 22 2017

2017-18 Training and Forum sessions

We are excited to launch our programme of training sessions in Technology Enhanced Learning and Academy Forum topics for AY2017-18.

You can find all details on our Training page or in the attached files. 

Aug 02 2017

New site for E-learning bookmarks

Over nearly a decade, we have accumulated a set of bookmarks to online materials that the E-learning Group has found useful and wishes to share with the public. These have been hosted on the Delicious site from the start (https://del.icio.us/is_alto). We tagged the bookmarks with key words, so that you could find ones on related topics. We also put in a short description whenever possible, to let you know why we thought that site was good, and direct you to the highlights there. We have nearly 2000 items marked!

In recent years, Delicious has been bought out by various companies and has sometimes disappeared. As of 2017, it is owned by Pinboard and is destined for removal. At the moment, the bookmarks are available in read-only format, but we have no way of knowing when they will disappear from the web for good, so please have a look and save anything you wish to consult later on. 

To refresh our approach to sharing timely and useful links with Aberystwyth University staff and others, we have started a Trello board for sharing bookmarks. 

This new method does require us to keep the number of active bookmarks to a minimum, which could actually be a benefit as it will keep the collection from being overwhelming for users. 

Please have a look at our new E-learning Trello Board.  ...

Jul 27 2017

Mae Blackboard yn newid

new-design-login.pngDros yr wythnosau nesaf, byddwch yn sylwi ar rai newidiadau yn Blackboard. Rydym wedi siarad â staff a myfyrwyr am yr hyn yr hoffent ei weld ar Blackboard, ac rydym yn hyderus y byddwch yn hoff o’r newidiadau yr ydym wedi’u gwneud ...

Blackboard is changing

Screenshot of new Blackboard login screenOver the next few weeks, you'll notice some changes in Blackboard. We've spoken to staff & students about what they would like Blackboard to look like, and we're confident that you'll like the changes we've made. ...

Jul 17 2017

Exemplary course award 2017-18

Summer is the perfect time to think about how to tune up your module for the next academic year. This year's winners found that getting a 'Module MOT' from the E-learning Group is a good way to reflect on teaching and further enhance your modules. Here are some quotes:

“The ECA rubric tool is a really useful way to get you thinking about the overall design of your Blackboard module rather than focusing too heavily on content. Whilst not all the features might be applicable to your course it nonetheless shows you how to address some of the key requirements, for example, links to policies, which can often be overlooked. Overall I found the guidance and being able to see previous examples of best practice as an essential element of the design process." - Gareth Norris, Highly Commended"Redesigning my module using the rubric was a worthwhile investment of time. By following the ECA rubric and self assessment, I could easily identify which areas of my module were exemplary, and which areas could be improved. Now that I have invested the time in making a module exemplary, it is easy to copy the exemplar features to other modules and I aim to make all my modules exemplary." - Stephen Chapman, Highly Commended

You can download the form and use it to plan your module revisions. Module tours are available on the same page. 

Book a module MOT by contacting us at: is_alto@aber.ac.uk and suggesting a time.  ...

Jun 01 2017

Elearn - a new, free online magazine from Blackboard

Blackboard has launched a free online magazine called Elearn, which they describe as follows:

For Educators, by Educators - Functioning as a cooperative, E-Learn works with contributors to create and share meaningful dialogue, and action, around current topics in education. Topics and trends are determined by the community. E-Learn is built to be a voice for the frontline of education and technology — what’s current, what’s challenging, what’s working?

Please have a look, and consider contributing your own case studies of learning and teaching to this international platform. ...

May 17 2017

Learning Space Tweet walk (Twalk) 31 May

Wednesday 31st May 2017 1:00-2:00pm

Twitter logoThe E-Learning Group at AU has organised a short tweet-walk to coincide with an event on Digital Placemaking held at Edge Hill University on 31st May by the UK Media-Enhanced Learning Special Interest Group (MELSIG) http://melsig.shu.ac.uk/?page_id=1091. The aim of the walk is to experience different learning spaces and share our responses via Twitter. The walk will last one hour.

The Twalk will happen at Aber, Edge Hill, and other universities all at the same time, so that we can walk, talk and post together using these hashtags to respond to set questions at each station (Viewpoint) in the walk: #SIGCLANS #MELSIG

At each Viewpoint, we will discuss a new topic inspired by the location. Participants can chat, snap photos if desired, and tweet. Carry on discussing the topic as we walk in pairs or small groups to the next Viewpoint.

Wherever you are, Twalk! – Snap! Chat! Tweet and Walk!

Download the itinerary: Cymraeg | English

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