Dr Dafydd Sills Jones,

Department of Theatre, Film and TV.

Aberystwyth University

 Parry-Williams Building


 SY23 3AJ


Translation as Close Reading


Over a period of 5 years I taught on a number of courses on film and television in both Welsh and English languages at the Department of Theatre Film and Television Studies at Aberystwyth University1. On occasion these modules were almost exactly the same in content across the two languages, and on other occasions shared conceptual ground more loosely. Over this period of time, although student performance varied from course to course and year to year, certain differences began to become apparent. Students who were taught through the medium of Welsh seemed to have a very different engagement with literature than those who were taught through the medium of English. Typically, Welsh language students found it harder to engage critically than their English-medium counterparts. In the main, problems centred around the following factors:

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