2016 - 2017 AU Exemplary Course Award Winners

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The aim of the AU Exemplary Course Award (ECA) is to support staff in enhancing their modules on Blackboard and to share good practice  across the university. We have seen the impact of this programme, as other staff often pick up on exemplary practices as demonstrated by winning modules. We are delighted to showcase the winners at our annual Learning and Teaching Conference. 

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2016-17 competition:

We can see the impact of the ECA, as the E-learning Group has noticed that many staff are now adopting approaches to Blackboard module design first pioneered in ECA winning modules. We encourage you to share this good practice further with your departments.

Read the Aber News article for more details.


Comments from participants

Both applicants and panel members have found the process valuable. 

“The ECA rubric tool is a really useful way to get you thinking about the overall design of your Blackboard module rather than focusing too heavily on content. Whilst not all the features might be applicable to your course it nonetheless shows you how to address some of the key requirements, for example, links to policies, which can often be overlooked. Overall I found the guidance and being able to see previous examples of best practice as an essential element of the design process." - Gareth Norris, Highly Commended

"Redesigning my module using the rubric was a worthwhile investment of time. By following the ECA rubric and self assessment, I could easily identify which areas of my module were exemplary, and which areas could be improved. Now that I have invested the time in making a module exemplary, it is easy to copy the exemplar features to other modules and I aim to make all my modules exemplary." - Stephen Chapman, Highly Commended

"It has been very inspiring to see the variety and quality of Blackboard modules that were submitted for the Exemplary Course Award this year. Being on the panel has been a worthwhile and enjoyable experience that has given me plenty of food for thought in terms of improving my own modules." - Panel Member

“It was great to see the very different styles of modules submitted this year, and from very different subject areas within science and the humanities. Particularly noteworthy was the excellent use of media types to complement more traditional content. Being on the panel gave me an opportunity to see novel ways of presenting module materials, many of which I hope to employ within my own modules." - Panel Member

"I have found sitting on the ECA panel has been very useful for my day to day work. I have seen examples of very good practice first hand and in a practical context. It has allowed me to transfer these ideas to other modules to increase the student and staff happiness of these modules." - Panel Member

Previous ECA Winners:

Click below to see examples of examplary practices and more innovative AU Blackboard modules, including module tours: 

The E-learning Group hopes that these exemplary courses will provide inspiration and models of good practice for all. 

Anyone wishing to use the ECA rubric as a tool for evaluating and enhancing their own modules is encouraged to contact the E-learning Group to request a consultation or training session (bb-team@aber.ac.uk). 

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